The Legend Series 6

Northeast Florida’s underground dining and art experience, The Legend Series, was back for its sixth installment in an event that coincided with the One Spark festival.

The weather didn’t quite cooperate with the original plan for the dinner to be held roof of the Yates Parking Garage in Downtown Jacksonville, but that didn’t stop the chefs from presenting inventive dishes that were inspired by the One Spark Creator categories of Art, Science, Music, and Technology.

Courses were prepared by chefs Sam Efron of Taverna, Waylon Rivers of Black Sheep, Tom Gray of Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails, Scotty Schwartz of 29 South, and Thomas Tolxdorf of The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.

View of the tables at the Legend Series 6 in the Yates parking garage in Downtown Jacksonville
Parking garage sign
The Legend Series 6 menu
Table decor at The Legend Series 6
Sweet corn panna cotta with lobster and Georgia caviar by chef Scott Schwartz
Legend Series staff lighting the candles at the tables
Marinated “liquid” olives, El Bulli style by chef Sam Efron
Signature cocktails at the Legend Series 6
Crispy pig ears by chef Tom Gray
Appetizers at the Legend Series 6
Chef Thomas Tolxdorf's New World octopus sashimi with Okinawa sweet potato confit, edamame, shiso, white soy yuzu vinaigrette
Guests being waited on at The Legend Series 6
Portrait of Chef Sam Efron, Taverna
Portrait of Chef Thomas Tolxdorf, The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island
Portrait of Chef Waylon Rivers, Black Sheep Restaurant
Portrait of Chef Scott Schwartz, 29 South
Portrait of Chef Tom Gray, Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails
Guests enjoying the Legend Series 6
Artist Michael Arthur live-drawing the event
One of artist Michael Arthur's drawings
Chef Sam Efron making Smoked chocolate brownies and salted caramels in butterscotch sauce
Chef Waylon Rivers making liquid Nitrogen frozen mousse
Legend Series creator Cari Sanchez-Potter and One Spark founders Varick Rosete, Dennis Eusebio, and Elton Rivas
The Main Ingredientz B-Boy Crew
View of Downtown Jacksonville from the Yates parking garage

The Legend Series Five at the Dee Dot Timberlands

The Legend Series is an underground dining and art event in Northeast Florida that takes place at secret locations and features food from some of the region’s most talented chefs.

I had the opportunity to document the most recent Legend Series dinner at the Dee Dot Ranch and I’m looking forward to the next one, which already sold out in five seconds (for real) when tickets were released. You can read more about Jacksonville Magazine’s feature.

Legend Series Five program with art by Jim Draper
Legend Series table and menu
Legend Series owner and producer Cari Sanchez-Potter checking the tables
Harvested juniper berries
Modern dance performance on the water by the Braided Light Project
Dee Dot ranchers
Legends Dinner guests enjoying the oysters
The chefs preparing a course for the Legends dinner
Chef Sam Efron of Taverna and his dish of wild boar, ramen house made noodles, nettles and assorted mushroom
Chef Waylon Rivers of Black Sheep Restaurant and his dish of juniper-crusted venison tenderloin
Chef Tom Gray of Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails and his dish of Risotto, nettles, and flounder
Chef Scott Schwartz of 29 South and his dish of quail, crawfish and cordbread stuffing and Cajun boar boudin
Chef Brian Siebenschuh of Restaurant Orsay and his Intuition Ale-braised venison, hoecakes
The chefs preparing the food
Venison tenderloin
Legends Series guests seated at the table
The Intuition Ale beer pairings
The inside of the Dee Dot ranch